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Let your hair down and feel free, free, free, to shoot way up in space to these smashing, crashing, modern sounds! Thus spake "groovy boy" in what passed for a sleeve note on one of the early iconic Top Of The Pops cover albums.

Taking the market by storm in 1968 (and lasting until 1985), these cheap collections of singles covered by session musicians and singers are now a kitsch guide to the chart hits - as well as the dodgy female fashions - of the time. No expense was incurred as stock agency pictures were cut out with blunt scissors and slapped on a brightly coloured background alongside a list of the twelve "current rave numbers" featured inside.

There were 92 in the series (plus associated spin-offs), which will be covered in full for the first time here. So start your collection now! Keep coming back as we add more pages and let us know if you have any questions or comments. Future features include:

* a TOTPs trading page where you can buy and sell the albums!
* the Best Of Top Of The Pops albums
* the Top Of The Tots LPs and EPs
* the
Top Of The Poppers Sing albums
* the story of the men and women behind the sessions
* news of the forthcoming book
* vote for your favourite TOTP cover girls

* Top Of The Pops collectors t-shirts!
* Downloadable PDF TOTP collectors list for you to print out.


Vol 32 on coming soon


above - just four of the glamourous cover girls waiting for you ... inside!

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